Principles of Edition
The texts presented here are derived from the printed edition (for R. Darricau and B. Peyrous' book) or from documents typed by the Sisters of the Holy Family (for the volumes entitled “Sources”).
The editors guarantee:
– to have eliminated nothing from the texts;
– to have added nothing to the texts unless clearly in brackets [ ];
– to have modified no text save in what regards spelling, punctuation or use of capitals, paying special attention not to alter the thought of the authors.
This translation has been established from the French version of the volumes “Source”. These were made from the originals manuscripts held in the General Archives of the Sisters of the Holy Family in Rome.
Rules of Transcription
The choices made are purely formal and do not affect the meaning of the text. Some punctuation has sometimes been added for the quality of the reading, without distorting the meaning of the sentence. Proper nouns have been matched and modernized. For upper-case letters, we have followed the modern trend to limit the use of upper-case letters, without however trying to get an exact coherence.
Passages added by us are put in square brackets […].

Current abbreviations have been left; other words are spelled out except those whose sense is uncertain.
art.: article
cf.: confer, compare, see
chap.: chapter
e.g.: for example (exempli gratia)
Fr.: Father
Gen.: General
G.R.: General rules
J.C.: Jesus Christ
Mgr: Monseigneur, His Lordship
Mlle: Mademoiselle, Miss
Mr.: Mister
Mrs.: Mistress
p.: page
par.: paragraphe
P.R.: Particular rules
St.: Saint
Sup.: Superior
vol. volume